Dr. Ashutosh Gupta

Being a fetal medicine specialist, he is an expert in fetal / obstetric ultrasound scanning and has a huge experience with different and difficult genetic abnormality being picked up at the time of scanning. But his special interest lies in fetal medicine; the sub branch in which we help the fetus in utero; whereby we treat the fetus in utero as a patient and very much different from the mother.  It may be putting in the amniotic fluid in Amnio – INFUSION or draining the excessive amniotic fluid in twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).  Putting the autologous platelets and trying to seal the leak in the amniotic cavity which leads to complete drainage of amniotic fluid – Amnio PATCH. In cases of urethral obstruction (Posterior urethral valves) by passing the obstruction and putting up a shunt from bladder to amniotic cavity – Vesico amniotic shunt. Draining fetal ascites and pleural effusion. Intra uterine transfusion of blood (Fetal Anemia) or autologous platelets (NAIT)

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See the video about Amnio INFUSION and Amnio PATCH to understand how both the processes work. The videos are presented by one of the most experienced fetal medicine specialists in Delhi, Dr. Ashutosh Gupta.

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